XTL-5000 w/ O5 Control Head

Fire agencies in western Butler County who were originally provided 800MHz radios on the Oxford Area Radio System will have their mobiles reprogrammed next week.

Due to the transition of the Oxford system users to BRICS, we will be reprogramming mobile radios in fire trucks and ambulances at these agencies so they can continue to communicate with McCullough Hyde ER, Oxford Fire and College Corner Fire.

This includes:

  • Reily Township FD
  • Hanover Township FD
  • Seven Mile FD
  • Milford Township FD
  • Somerville FD
  • Morgan Township FD
  • Ross Township FD

McCullough-Hyde ER and the Oxford dispatch center will continue to monitor the old system until these mobiles are reprogrammed. Portable radios will be addressed closer to each agency’s full transition to the new system and following their participation agreement completion.