Fire-EMSRadios were delivered to the remaining agencies dispatched by BCSO this week. As previously stipulated, ample time will be given to conduct training. BRICS staff have tentatively set the week of December 7 for the switch-over of fire and EMS users dispatched by the Butler County Sheriff’s Office. A specific date and time within the second week of December will be announced soon. At the designated time, all fourteen agencies will begin using the BRICS 800MHz voice system.

Training materials specific to these agencies have been added to the website, and include three PowerPoint presentations. Individuals and agencies may use these presentations to learn more about procedures and radio use in preparation for the switch.

BRICS staff intend to conduct four or five training sessions prior to the switch, hosted by various fire departments around the county. Each session will have two or three departments in attendance, but individuals from any department will be able to attend if another session is more convenient. We will announce the training locations and schedule as soon as possible on this website and through an email distribution to all chiefs.