Radio TrainingTraining Announcement

Class: General Radio Training / Train the Trainer for Fire and EMS agencies dispatched by the Butler County Sheriff’s Office

Staff from the BCSO Communications Division will give a presentation on radio use and how things will work operationally, for fire and EMS agencies dispatched by BCSO, on the new system.

Classes have been divided geographically to bring 2 to 3 departments together for training. If some individuals can’t make a particular training, you are welcome to come to any session.

Bring a portable radio from your agency to follow along with training.

Dates / Locations

Monday November 23rd at 1900 hours
Liberty Station 113 on Ohio 747
Primarily for users from Liberty and Fairfield Township

Tuesday November 24th at 1900 hours
Milford Twp Community Building in Collinsville
Primarily for users from Milford Twp, Seven Mile and Somerville

Monday November 30th at 1900 hours
Ross Station 102 in Millville
Primarily for users from Ross, Hanover and Morgan

Tuesday December 1st at 1900 hours
Madison Station 153
Primarily for users from Madison and Wayne

Wednesday December 2nd at 1900 hours
St. Clair Township Fire
Primarily for users from St. Clair FD, EMS and New Miami FD

Monday December 7th at 1900 hours
Madison Station 153
Primarily for users from Madison and Wayne

Update (11/20): The Madison date conflicted with another training. A new date and time will be announced for that session next week. Update (11/24): Madison has been rescheduled for 12/7.


See this posting for details:

PDF IconTraining Announcement for BCSO Fire / EMS
Download this PDF file to post the training at your agency.