statsIn the month of February, 2010:

1600+ active subscriber radios

421,958 “push to talks”
This is a 9% decrease over last month.

634 hours, 36 minutes, 27 seconds of voice transmissions (634:36:27)
This is a 9% decrease over last month.

9 dispatch centers have consoles installed
All radio console installations in all centers are complete.

9 frequencies are active on the system (8 voice, 1 control channel)

6 frequencies are awaiting FCC approval or rebanding clearance
4 West Chester frequencies (FCC), 1 Oxford (rebanding), 1 Hamilton (rebanding)

Using the system:

Butler County Adult Probation Department
Butler County Coroner’s Office
Butler County Dog Warden
Butler County EMA
Butler County Engineer’s Office
Butler County Prosecutor’s Office
Butler County Sheriff’s Office
Butler County Water and Sewer Department
College Corner Fire
Fairfield (City) Fire
Fairfield (City) Police
Fairfield Township Fire
Fairfield Township Public Works
Fairfield Township Police
Hamilton Fire
Hamilton Police
Hanover Township Fire
Liberty Township Fire
Madison Township Fire
McCullough-Hyde ER
Metro Parks
Miami University Police
Miami University EMS
Miami University Physical Facilities
Milford Township Fire
Morgan Township Fire
New Miami Fire
Oxford Fire
Oxford Police
Oxford Service Department
Oxford Township Police
Reily Township Fire
Ross Township Fire
Ross Township Police
Seven Mile Fire
Seven Mile Police
Somerville Fire
St. Clair/New Miami EMS
St. Clair Township Fire
Wayne Township Fire
Wayne Township Public Works
West Chester Medical Center

Bold = New users this month