A radio dealer from the Cincinnati area has offered to provide Kenwood test units to the Communications Division of the Butler County Sheriff’s Office.

Kenwood Corporation, a manufacturer of portable and mobile radios, began offering a Project 25 compliant 700-800MHz product in December. The performance of the new Kenwood radios will be evaluated by BRICS technicians.

While all Butler County public safety agencies were provided Motorola radios as part of the initial deployment, system capacity was sized to support users in public works, public health and government administration.

The open Project 25 standard for radio systems allows for competition and, hopefully, a diverse and economical range of options for radio subscriber equipment. BRICS staff certified the EF Johnson radio for use on our system in 2009. If the Kenwood radios meet our standards, they will offer another choice for users looking to join the Butler Regional Interoperable Communications System.

Details and the outcome of testing will be posted when they are available.