May and June will be busy months, thanks to the long-awaited FCC approval of the West Chester license modification. This action was needed to operate their four channels on a 14-site, regional basis. More importantly, it will allow the remaining public safety agencies in Butler County to transition to the Butler Regional Interoperable Communications System.

The agencies of the four remaining communications centers (Middletown, Monroe, Trenton and West Chester) will make the switch at different times, depending on local readiness, vendor schedules, BRICS staff availability and other factors. A task list showing the various actions and dependencies was provided to these agencies last week to help them prepare.

Based on the above factors, the Monroe Police Department and the Monroe communications center (6COM) will make the switch on Monday, May 17th 2010. BRICS staff will continue to work with the other agencies to coordinate their transition to the new system in the coming weeks.