The BRICS 800MHz voice system was successfully upgraded to version 7.7 last month. The upgrade keeps our system current with the latest radio network technologies. Teams from Motorola and Mobilcomm spent two weeks with long days and nights at our master site during this process.

The upgrade involved making changes to or updating the software on nearly every device in the system infrastructure. In some cases, hardware was completely replaced. Work was also completed at radio tower and dispatch sites. Motorola’s carefully developed upgrade plan resulted in minimal disruptions to service. Aside from dispatchers, few system users were even aware the upgrade was in progress.

BRICS staff worked closely with the nine communications centers to prepare for and work through the planned outages of their radio consoles. While the downtime proved even shorter than expected, the experience provided a good exercise in the use of backup equipment. All centers had a chance to practice and will be more prepared should there be an unplanned console outage in the future.

Our staff wishes to thank all of our user agencies and communications centers for their patience and cooperation during the upgrade, as well as our vendors for the smooth and orderly process.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the upgrade or if you experience any problems with radio equipment.