Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones recently enacted two policies for the Butler Regional Interoperable Communications System that were recommended by the Advisory Board. They include:

  • 3.02 Plain Language and NIMS Compliance
  • 3.03 Informational All-County Broadcasts

The Informational All-County Broadcast (ACB) sets up a mechanism for our communications centers to make non-intrusive broadcasts to other centers and agencies in particular situations (e.g. serious crimes in progress, or for a responder needing assistance). Visit the ACB guide to learn more.

The Plain Language and NIMS Compliance policy initiates a process for each discipline (law enforcement, fire/EMS and others) to begin developing the standardized terminology to be used on shared talkgroups. It also establishes NIMS as the official incident management system on BRICS. Visit the Plain Language guide to learn more on when it’s required and what we recommend.

These documents have been added to the Policies page of this website.