Occurred: 01/19/2011 12:33
Resolved: 01/19/2011 15:30
Affected: 6COM and 8COM Consoles

A problem with the fiber-optic network that connects the dispatch centers to the radio system master site resulted in a loss of connectivity for 8COM and 6COM today at 1233hrs. BRICS staff responded to the issue along with personnel from Mobilcomm and Butler County Information Services.

With the loss in connectivity, dispatch consoles at 8COM and 6COM were unable to access network-delivered talkgroups and conventional channels. The dispatchers followed proper backup procedures and switched to portable radios for 800MHz talkgroups. They used a backup control station to report information and receive instructions from BRICS technicians. Local resources on consoles, such as those used for fire station alerting, were unaffected by the connectivity problem.

BCCIS restored connectivity to 6COM at approximately 1315hrs and to 8COM by 1530hrs. All consoles went back in service.

The radio system infrastructure was unaffected by this network problem. No field radio user had any loss of service and the dispatch centers affected were able to maintain operations by following backup procedures.

Fiber-optic connectivity to the dispatch centers is set up in a looped configuration so that, if a failure occurs along the loop, the network path should reverse and allow other dispatch centers to continue unaffected. It is unclear why two dispatch centers were affected by this problem, which also occurred one week ago. BCCIS is continuing to troubleshoot the network to isolate and correct the cause of this outage. Further information will be shared when it becomes available.