We have just received notification that Cincinnati Bell plans to perform maintenance on fiber optic cable located on State Route 42 near Butler Warren Rd. This could potentially affect the fiber network used to connect dispatch radio consoles to the radio system’s master site.

The maintenance is scheduled for this Saturday night at midnight, going in to Sunday morning. Potential downtime is described by CBT as minimum, but it is unclear how long that could be.

Dispatchers: Should your consoles lose connectivity to the system, follow normal backup procedures. Review your BRICS Dispatcher Emergency Guide, particularly the ‘Console Failure’ section, to be familiar with these procedures.

Field Users: You should expect no disruption of radio service. This maintenance could affect dispatch consoles only. Dispatchers would revert to backup equipment were an outage to occur.

Contact the BRICS office with any questions.

Update: The CBT maintenance resulted in an outage at 6COM and 8COM from 0215hrs to 0545hrs. The dispatch centers operated with backup radio equipment during that time. There was no disruption in radio service to field users.