Radio towers on the BRICS 800MHz voice system receive a thorough yearly preventative maintenance check. During this process, each individual tower is taken out of service for several hours so that site equipment can be checked and calibrated.

For any particular site taken out of service, it may cause a coverage reduction inside dense buildings in that area. Since there is considerable overlap between all of our fourteen tower sites, no significant coverage loss is expected and this process may be transparent to end users. Last year’s preventative maintenance outages caused no noticeable reduction in service to be reported. Even so, it is important that agencies review the affected areas and be prepared with plans to operate with reduced coverage if needed.

See the guide on areas affected by tower sites to learn which towers serve your area.

The site schedule can also be found on our calendar page.

4/05 Tuesday AM: Tower Site #1

4/06 Wednesday AM: Tower Site #8
4/06 Wednesday PM: Tower Site #11

4/07 Thursday AM: Tower Site #12
4/07 Thursday PM: Tower Site #10

4/08 Friday AM: Tower Site #3
4/08 Friday PM: Tower Site #14

4/19 Tuesday AM: Tower Site #5
4/19 Tuesday PM: Tower Site #6

4/20 Wednesday AM: Tower Site #7
4/20 Wednesday PM: Tower Site #4

4/21 Thursday AM:  Tower Site #2
4/21 Thursday PM: Tower Site #9

4/22 Friday AM: Tower Site #13