Due to narrowbanding, some Butler County fire agencies are looking to organize a group purchase of the Minitor V fire pager. Previous versions of this Motorola product (Minitor I through IV) are not narrowband capable and will need to be replaced before 2013.

For agencies using the BRICS fire paging system (at 1COM, 5COM, 7COM and 9COM), we recommend either:

  • model A03KMS7239_A (standard VHF Dual-Channel Minitor V)  – or – 
  • model A03KMS9239_A (VHF Dual-Channel Minitor V with stored voice)

It is possible that a future configuration of the BRICS fire paging system will involve more than one channel, which is one reason a dual-channel pager is recommended.

To be included in a potential group purchase, or for more information, contact us.