If your agency needs assistance with the ICS-205 form, or with planning communications for a special event, contact us. We will help you choose and reserve the appropriate talkgroups and channels to accommodate expected participants and potential mutual aid. Cache equipment can be made available with advance notice. Several BRICS staff members are trained as Communications Unit Leader (COML) and Communications Unit Technician (COMT), positions in the Incident Command System (ICS) responsible for this type of planning and logistics.

ICS Form 205 is the Incident Radio Communications Plan. It is used within ICS to document all talkgroups and frequencies assigned or set aside for an incident or event. It should include those resources that you plan to use if everything goes according to plan, and also the resources you’ll use if things escalate. A little pre-planning and documentation will make your event go much more smoothly. We can discuss the event and complete this form for you, so that it can be distributed to event participants and dispatch centers.

More Information:

Incident Command System (ICS) Overview at fema.gov


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