HT1000 with XTS5000Two years ago this month, law enforcement agencies dispatched by the Butler County Sheriff’s Office switched to our countywide digital radio system. Previously, they’d used an analog VHF system. For many users, it’s almost hard to remember what analog sounded like.

Below, you’ll find two clips of vehicular pursuits from the Butler County Sheriff dispatch center. The first occurred in 2006 on the analog system. The second, from 2011, is on the digital BRICS 800MHz voice system.

Vehicular Pursuit on Analog VHF (click to play)

Vehicular Pursuit on Digital P25 800MHz Trunking (click to play)

It’s interesting to compare two similar incidents – both with stress, siren and traffic noises – from then and now. In 2006, the law enforcement vehicles you hear in the recording were using 40-watt mobile radios. In 2011, the law enforcement officers involved in the pursuit were using 3-watt portable radios.

The increased coverage of the new system, coupled with digital audio and high-noise reduction settings makes voice traffic much more understandable.