BRICS has been notified that Cincinnati Bell Telephone (CBT) will be working on fiber optic cables affecting the Trenton dispatch center (5COM) tonight. The work is scheduled to begin at 2200 hrs but it is unclear when the work might affect the particular strands of fiber serving the radio network. In the past, similar CBT work has happened several hours after it was originally scheduled.

Butler County Information Services (BCCIS) tells us that 5COM may experience an outage tonight due to the CBT effort. It is not expected to affect any other center’s consoles. BRICS and BCCIS technicians will be monitoring the network and ready to respond to issues, or to help an affected center during the outage.

Dispatchers: Should your consoles lose connectivity to the system, follow normal backup procedures. Review your BRICS Dispatcher Emergency Guide, particularly the ‘Console Failure’ section, to be familiar with these procedures.

Field Users: You should expect no disruption of radio service. This maintenance could affect dispatch consoles only. Dispatchers would revert to backup equipment were an outage to occur.

Contact the BRICS office with any questions.