This week and next, engineering teams from Motorola and Mobilcomm will be working to upgrade the BRICS 800MHz voice system from Astro 25 release 7.7 to 7.11.

The upgrade keeps our system current with the latest technologies. The process will involve technicians visiting and configuring hundreds of pieces of system infrastructure equipment, including hardware at tower sites and communications centers. The vast majority of this upgrade takes place at the master site, where several core servers and routers will be reconfigured or replaced. The results of this work will be mostly behind the scenes, with improvements in areas like network security. Radios on BRICS will operate the same after the upgrade as they do now.

During this two week period, the upgrade will be in progress day and night and few users will realize it is happening. At certain scheduled times, minor disruptions will occur. At no time is the system planned to be “down” or unusable; the most noticeable disruptions will require dispatchers to use portable radios while their consoles are unavailable.

BRICS staff will be working with each communications center to make sure these periods go smoothly. BRICS users will receive updates and instructions from their dispatchers, if needed. If any further information needs to reach all agencies directly, it will be sent out to designated agency point-of-contacts.