Known Radio Programming Issue: The menu item labeled MUTE on BRICS portable radios is intended to mute keypad tones (beeps when a button is pressed) only. Instead, when the MUTE setting is changed to TONES OFF, the user lacks all tone sounds, including:

  • the “talk permit tone” or chirp when keying the radio to transmit
  • the “busy” or “can’t interrupt” tones that tell the user they are unable to transmit
  • “channel announcement” sounds that announce the name of the selected channel

Users may be inadvertently activating the “TONES OFF” option with unintended button presses while the radio is worn on the belt.

Issue Affects: Motorola portable radios with most or all BRICS templates

Long Term Fix: The MUTE option will be restricted to keypad tones only during the second phase of radio reprogramming. Dates to be determined.

Immediate Fix: Follow the instructions below.


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