HAMILTONMONTohio-angleHamilton County and Cincinnati have been working on a long project to replace their 800MHz systems with updated technology, and to attach the new system to BRICS and MARCS. They switched their users over last week.

Their project affects our users because the Hamilton County talkgroups in our police and fire radios need to be replaced with Hamilton County’s new talkgroups. BRICS has been prepping for this change and is currently reprogramming radios at fire departments bordering Hamilton County first. Over the next several months, all radios in the county will need to be reprogrammed. Montgomery County is going through a similar upgrade in the next month or two, so BRICS will be swapping out the Montgomery talkgroups for new ones as well.

By the end of the day tomorrow (August 3 2016), every southern-border fire department will be reprogrammed and equipped with Hamilton County’s new talkgroups. BRICS staff will continue to contact agencies to schedule programming throughout the rest of the county in the weeks following.


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