Every radio on the system has a unique, seven-digit ID number that is sent with your transmissions.  This ID number displays in the communications center and on the screen of all other users monitoring your talkgroup.  If available, dispatcher consoles will display a text alias associated with the number.

Learn More:  Radio ID Guide


Whenever possible, radios assigned to primary users of the Butler Regional Interoperable Communications System (BRICS) will display a text alias on dispatcher consoles to facilitate identification.  The radio alias will identify the person or apparatus it is assigned to as well as the originating agency or dispatch center.  It will display so that, on a common talkgroup, any dispatch center can establish the identity of a transmitting radio.

General Standards:

  • Every radio must have a unique alias.
  • Every alias must be understandable for all dispatch centers.
  • The alias can not exceed 14 characters.
  • Butler County aliases must begin with “09”.

Standard for Fire / EMS Agencies:

Aliases will correspond with unit designations specified in the county fire numbering plan.

Mobile radios will be aliased with the apparatus type and number.

Example:  “09 ENG 112”

Portable radios will be aliased with an alpha character following the apparatus assignment. This additional character distinguishes portables from mobiles for the dispatcher.

Example:  “09 ENG 112-A”, “09 ENG 112-B”, “09 ENG 112-C”, “09 ENG 112-D”

Portable radios assigned to personnel will use the unit designation and alpha character.

Example:  “09 BAT 20-A”, “09 CHF 80-A”

Local policy may dictate whether the alpha character of a portable radio corresponds to any particular apparatus seat position or if it only serves to indicate a portable radio.

Standard for Law Enforcement:

Radio aliases will display the county number (09 for Butler County), originating agency’s standard abbreviation (see: list), the assigned user’s last name, and first initial.

The alias will begin with the county number and two-letter agency abbreviation followed by a hyphen.

The last name of the user will immediately follow, up to six characters.  The first letter will be capitalized and the rest of the last name will be in lower case.

The first initial will immediately follow, capitalized.

If two users have the same agency, last name and first initial, a numeric character will be added at the end of the alias to differentiate the users.


Officer George Bush at Fairfield Township PD

Officer John Appleseed at Miami University PD

Officer Jared Appleseed at Miami University PD


Using the last name is recommended by BRICS because, while assignments and unit numbers may change, the last name will usually be consistent throughout the career of the user.  At the discretion of the law enforcement agency, a badge or unit number may be substituted for the individual’s last name.

“09HM-115” for Hamilton PD, badge 115

Making Changes

It is the responsibility of the local agency to notify BRICS of any personnel change, including reassignments and name changes, as soon as possible.  Dispatchers will rely on the alias to identify a radio in an emergency and it is very important to keep records current.  Submit a support ticket to change a radio alias.