BC Calling and PSAP TGYour dispatch console has the same talkgroups (pictured, right) on each tab in the same column on the right side.  This is the grouping of common calling and communicating talkgroups for dispatch centers.

BC Calling

This is the talkgroup used to reach any Butler County communications center.  It is programmed in every radio that has BRICS talkgroups.  It is on this talkgroup that users will reach comm centers with which they are not normally affiliated.  It is also where mutual aid users from other counties and states will call our comm centers.

It is to be used strictly for calling communications centers and must be kept clear of extended conversation because each center must keep it turned up to respond to calls.  There is a system-wide policy governing its use on our policies page.

BC Talk 2, BC Talk 3, BC Talk 4

These are the “side channels” you can assign conversations from the primary BC Calling talkgroup.  These are not normally monitored by any comm center.  If a user calls your center and needs to have an extended discussion or needs to reach one of your users, this brief conversation should be off-loaded to one of these talkgroups.

There is no talkgroup assignment indicator button for these.  They are available to everyone and will not be specifically assigned.

PSAP Butler

This is the calling channel for center-to-center communication.  It is encrypted and does not appear in anyone’s radios – it is a console resource only.  It is generally used for emergency broadcasts, system coordination (i.e. talkgroup assignments) and requests for emergency mutual aid.

There is a system-wide policy governing its use on our policies page.

8 CALL 90

This is a nationwide conventional mutual aid channel used for calling.  Any public safety user with an 800MHz radio may use this channel to call for help.  Also, if there is a problem with our radio system, users can attempt to reach their center on this frequency.