The Motorola MCC 7500 Dispatch Console is operated by headset.Plantronics Headset

BRICS staff recommend a Plantronics noise-canceling headset, as shown to the right. It can be connected to the console with a wired or wireless adapter.

A wireless adapter allows the user to move throughout the center with ease, and operates on a rechargeable battery. Several centers in Butler County have provided their own wireless adapter, the Plantronics CA12CD, to use in lieu of the wired adapter that came with the consoles.

A wired adapter will restrict movement depending on the length, but avoids the hassle of changing batteries.


Depending on the type of telephone system at your dispatch center, you may hear telephone and selected radio audio in your headset, or you may hear telephone audio only with radio audio coming exclusively from desktop speakers.

In either case, the headset is used to transmit on the radio. If a telephone call is in progress, the caller will not hear what you transmit on the radio.

Headset Interface

Headset Interface

The radio console may have two headset interfaces a dispatcher can plug in to – one on the right, and one on the left, depending on their preference.  Each headset interface has two volume controls – one for radio audio, the other for telephone audio.


The audio from your telephone passes through the radio console, is converted from analog to digital, and then passes on to the headset via a headset interface.

If the radio console is powered down or otherwise fails, one of the two headset interfaces is still able to deliver telephone audio as a failsafe.  It may be the right or the left depending on the configuration of your dispatch center. If your radio console is down and you can not use the telephone, try switching to the other headset interface.