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During 2008 and in preparation for the countywide radio system, the Butler County Fire Chief’s Association formed a committee to standardize unit designations and terms to ease communication between agencies.

The “Fire and EMS Communication Standardization Plan” has been adopted by all fire agencies in the county as of March 2009.  The plan established station numbering for all agencies and stations.  Previously, there were numerous Engine 1’s and Engine 11’s throughout the county.  On a common radio system, this would have made communication very difficult.  The new plan gives each apparatus and unit a unique designation.

From the plan:

“As we approach the implementation of a county-wide radio system, communication interoperability between all public safety agencies will finally be possible. The Butler County Fire Chief’s Association recognizes the paramount importance of adopting a standard system for unit designation and common language. A standardized plan will allow for the appropriate resources to be deployed in a timely manner, ease communication between agencies by reducing confusion, and maximize the potential for interoperable communications.”

In summary, the plan allocates blocks of ten station numbers to each agency.  The “0” number of the series represents the agency and the stations are numbered beginning with the first number of the series.  West Chester Fire, for example, is agency 70.  Their stations are numbered 71 through 75.

All units indentify using a plain-language type (like Engine or Medic), followed by a station number.   Plain language unit types were standardized throughout the county so that a ladder, for instance, will mean the same type of apparatus at any department.

It was recommended that all front-line equipment in a station use the station number (i.e. Engine 11, Ladder 11 and Tanker 11 respond from Station 11).  However, this was not required as long as trucks were numbered within the agency’s block of 10 and there was no duplication.


Download the full BC Fire and EMS Communication Standardization Plan (PDF,  4/2014).

Download the BC Station Numbering chart (PDF, 12/2008) for all station numbers.

Fire/EMS Agency Numbers

10  Oxford
20  Hamilton
30  Fairfield
40  College Corner
50  Trenton
60  Monroe
70  West Chester
80  Middletown
100 Ross Twp
110 Liberty Twp
120 Wayne Township
130 Reily Twp
140 Morgan Twp
150 Madison Twp
160 Milford Twp
170 Seven Mile
180 Hanover Twp
190 Somerville
200 St. Clair Twp Fire
210 Fairfield Twp
220 New Miami
230 St. Clair Twp EMS
240 Miami University EMS