What does it mean if my radio display says OUT OF RANGE?

If you go beyond the range of the Butler County system or move into a dead spot and can no longer affiliate with the system, the display will show OUT OF RANGE. While out of range, you will not be able to transmit or receive on your selected Butler County talkgroup.

Often, moving only a few feet will bring your radio back into range of the system.

When you try to transmit with the Push-to-Talk (PTT) button, your radio will emit a low tone. The display will read “OUT OF RANGE”.

If you continue to be out of range and you have an emergency:

(1) Switch to 8 CALL 90 (Zone C, Channel 16). This is a conventional, mutual aid calling channel that is separate from our system. Key the radio and attempt to hail any listening dispatch center. Speak slowly and clearly as the coverage of this analog, conventional frequency will vary.

– or –

(2) If you are outside Butler County, navigate to a primary talkgroup on a system that is within range to declare your emergency.

For example, if you are in…

Hamilton County: their communications center can be reached on HC LE WEST (law) or HC FD WEST (fire) in Zone G, Channel 16.

Montgomery County: their communications center can be reached on MCSO NORTH (law) or MC FIRE (fire) in Zone K, Channel 1.

Warren County: their communications center can be reached on 83 PD PRIM (law) or 83 FD PRIM (fire) in Zone L, Channel 1.

Other areas in the State of Ohio:
The state’s MARCS system can be used to reach state communication centers on MCALL-3 in Zone O, Channel 5. You may hail any highway patrol post or “Columbus” for the central ODNR communications center.

Note: For public safety radios, the emergency button will be active on these other systems. It will alarm to a communications center on your selected system, NOT your home communications center.