Note: The fire tone information on this page requires an update. The alert tone information is accurate.

Radio consoles on the Butler Regional Interoperable Communications System are capable of transmitting three standard alert tones. In the past, individual communications centers may have assigned these tones to indicate particular types of emergencies.  A particular alert tone may have been designated to mean “all clear” for agencies at one center and “officer down” at another center.  Now, with multiple centers and agencies sharing talkgroups, the potential for confusion was high.

On the new system, a policy was developed to establish consistent use of the alert tones to avoid confusion between different jurisdictions and disciplines.  (See: policy page)

ALERT 1 TONE (click to play mp3)

This steady tone is used for emergency broadcasts. It may be used in the following circumstances: announcements regarding officer/responder safety issues, crimes in progress, major incidents or emergencies, and Butler County PSAP broadcasts.  It is basically an attention-getter for important broadcasts.

ALERT 2 TONE (click to play mp3)

This alternating hi-lo tone is used for officer needs assistance or mayday situations.  It shall only be used when a responder activates an emergency alarm, requests emergency assistance, or when an incident commander orders a building evacuation.

ALERT 3 TONE (click to play mp3)

This intermittent beeping tone is used for general announcements like weather watches and warnings, hospital diversion status, etc.

Fire and EMS Tone (click to play mp3)

This tone is unique from the three standard alert tones shown above.  It has been selected to indicate the dispatch of a fire or EMS response.  Any Butler County fire or EMS response dispatched on BRICS 800MHz may use this pre-alert tone.  The normal tones used for pager or station alerting will continue to be broadcast on VHF.  This tone will be transmitted simultaneously on 800MHz to alert users to the following dispatch announcement.  Most tones used for fire alerting on VHF do not reproduce properly on digital 800MHz.  This tone was selected to “fill the air” while the dispatcher is transmitting tones on VHF and to alert responders on 800MHz.  It will be heard on main fire dispatch talkgroups as well as law enforcement talkgroups, if simulcasted.

All-County Broadcast (ACB) Tone (click to play mp3)

The All-County Broadcast is used to share important information with all BRICS users and dispatch centers. Learn more about the ACB.

Optional / Additional Fire/EMS Alerts

Fire departments requested that we provide, when possible, an additional sound that would tell the fire department personnel listening to 800MHz whether the call was for an EMS company, a fire company or an “all-call” general alarm.

For an EMS company, we can add two beeps following the standard tone.

Standard FD Tone – EMS Company (2 Beeps)

For a fire company, we can add three beeps following the standard tone.

Standard FD Tone – Fire Company (3 Beeps)

For an EMS company and fire company together, we can add two and then three beeps.

Standard FD Tone – EMS Company w/ Fire Company (2 Beeps and 3 Beeps)

For an “all-call” general alarm, we can add “hi-lo” beeps following the standard tone.

Standard FD Tone – General Alarm / All-Call (Hi-Lo-Hi-Lo-Hi-Lo)

For a “recall” of off-duty / volunteer employees, we add a unique sound following the standard tone.

Standard FD Tone – Recall Tone