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August 6, 2014

Reprogramming of public safety radios began for some law enforcement agencies this week, and will continue for all LE, fire and EMS agencies through the first week of September.

Until we switch to our “new” / upgraded radio system in the second week of September, agencies will be operating on a temporary radio template. One temporary change, to accommodate upcoming dispatch console work, is that all emergency alarms from reprogrammed radios will sound on BC CALLING.

End Emergency Tones

End Emergency Tones

Just as when an out-of-county radio alarms on BC CALLING or a fire radio alarms on a BC FG talkgroup, the alarm sounds in all centers. DO NOT acknowledge or knock down the alarm unless it is one of your users, and you will be handling the alarm. The only way to silence the alarm, for your console only, is the “end emergency tones” button on the toolbar. Any other action with the red-cross emergency button affects all consoles at all dispatch centers.

For screenshots and more emergency alarm info, see:

Once users switch to the part of their template containing the new system in September, emergency alarm behavior will return to normal.

More information about our upgrade:

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