Preventative Maintenance and Coverage Overlap

Radio towers on the BRICS 800MHz voice system receive a thorough yearly preventative maintenance check. During this process, each individual tower is taken out of service for several hours so that site equipment can be checked and calibrated.

For any particular site taken out of service, it may cause a reduction in coverage in dense buildings in that area. Since there is considerable overlap between all of our fourteen tower sites, no significant coverage loss is expected and this process may be transparent to end users.

Areas Affected by the Loss of a Tower Site

The chart below shows the areas affected, on a primary and secondary basis, by the loss of any one particular tower site. This list is a prediction only, and is meant to give a general sense of which towers serve your area.

Predicted Areas Affected by Tower Sites

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If a tower site affecting your area is out of service, you may notice places in dense buildings with diminished coverage. If your radio gives a low tone when you try to transmit and the display shows “Out of Range”, this indicates you do not have sufficient coverage to reach the system.

See the guide on the Out of Range error message for more information.