The MCC 7500 Dispatch Console has a status display bar used to provide error and status messages to the dispatcher. It is located at the bottom of the Elite Dispatch software screen, just above the Windows start menu.

Console Status Bar Location

A closer look:

Console Status Bar Zoom

The status line displays the most recent message with a timestamp.  The line is a drop-down box; clicking the down-arrow will reveal past messages with timestamps.

Most error messages are self-explanatory and occur if an action is attempted that is not possible at the time (such as attempting to multi-select transmit to a group with no members). If the console beeps, indicating that an action could not been completed, refer to the status line for an explanation.

The console will also beep when a message from the system is received.  Any time a system administrator adds new talkgroups or resources, the change is pushed out to all consoles automatically. You may see a message advising that a “database update is in progress” and that the “database update has completed.” Don’t worry – this is normal!

Any time you receive an error message that you do not understand, or if you are not sure if the message indicates a serious problem, please contact us.